Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Windows 8 - Keeps losing its mapped drives

Geez what a mission !!

We implemented a new server at one of our clients and ran into the strangest issue.  Everything worked 100%... Pretty smooth cutover... But then the issue began...

The windows 8 machines kept losing their mapped drives... Reran the login script just to see no mappings in Explorer! Frustrating... Cannot map the drives manually because the computer sees the drives as mapped already.

After ALOT of research and trying "fixes" recommended by bloggers .. Still had the same issue

Turns out its an actual Microsoft bug within the operating system.  Luckily for us they realised how critical this issue is and have an update available to sort this issue

After installing the update my users were finally happy :)  good day, indeed


Download and install update KB2795944

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